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Posted on January 21, 2021 by dustyk103

America: Born July 4, 1776 – Died January 20, 2021

NOT MY PRESIDENT! Liberals say this all the time about every Christian Republican that has held office for the past forty years from Reagan to Bush and to Trump. They claimed election fraud, Supreme Court interference, and Russian collusion as their excuses despite there being zero evidence to support their delusions. Now they say Biden stealing the election by anonymous mail-in ballots counted after Election Day to overthrow the president is “kook conspiracy theory.” The left is never right when they claim to be righteous.

Republicans have every right to declare Biden is not their president because we know that no majority in any state in the nation elected him without their massive ballot fraud. Despite the fact that he will be ousted much more quickly than Trump makes no difference. He is the Trojan Horse candidate for Kamala “Kommie” Harris to become Barack Hussein Obama’s surrogate for his third term to complete the destruction of American liberty. Americans will pay the price for stupidly electing a Moslem communist to be leader of the free world as the totalitarian left sees to it that the world no longer has any freedom.


Donald Trump surrendered to Democrat’s Marxist Revolution and submitted to the Biden/Harris ticket by stepping aside to allow Democrats to steal the presidency. Joe Biden assumed the mantle of America’s first communist dictator soon to be followed by Kamala Harris. The Obama regime’s successful coup to take power and fundamentally transform America into Democrat’s socialist oligarchic dictatorship is underway.

Trump failed the nation to become America’s last patriotic president. There is some question whether or not he truly strove to save America or if he betrayed the nation to socialists after boosting the economy. In either case, it doesn’t matter as the Democrats have announced their intention to burn the Constitution and establish a new set of laws by which to rule over the masses.

Democrats violated the law by having Democrat and RINO AGs usurp the power of state legislatures to remake election law over the excuse that it was “too dangerous” for people to vote in person. Their allowance of mail-in ballots without identification set the stage for massive ballot fraud. Because state legislatures did not take legal action due to there being a lack of crimes on the books of this nature, courts rejected the post-election suits of Republicans to hear the evidence of the real crime of election fraud on the basis they “don’t have ‘standing.’” Because the state law enforcement and federal law enforcement all failed to act, and because courts at the state and federal level have failed, even the Supreme Court, DoJ, AG, and FBI, the burden fell on the President of the United States, Donald Trump, as Commander-in-Chief and supreme authority to uphold Constitutional law.


Having failed to do so, Donald Trump has failed America. Democrats now have the power to fundamentally transform America into their socialist dictatorship by stacking Congress and the courts and imposing regulations on Americans to strip them of their rights. They will take money from red states to pay their blue states for the destruction they did to their city’s economies by reinstating federal tax deductions for their high state taxes, and probably steal all 401ks to make their owners dependent on Social Security.

They will impose harsh regulations on red states to strip them of power especially by eliminating the rights of free speech and gun ownership. They will give illegal alien communistas citizenship in red states to override citizen’s electoral power. They will make mail-in ballot fraud the law of the land to insure they never again lose an election. America has fallen, not with a bang, but with a whimper, as the light of liberty in the shining city on a hill went out because President Trump did not prepare to use the full power of his office to protect her.

Expect the free and open persecution of Christians to begin. Expect that the Democrat fascists will disarm Americans by a number of methods from eliminating ammo to taxing possession of firearms. Expect the military to be depleted as it was under Obama but worse. Expect police to be reduced and criminals to be empowered. Expect taxes out the wazoo forcing everyone to bow and scrape for scraps from the elites. Expect you will never see a Republican who stands against the communist left to ever again win an election.

America is lost! The light of liberty from the shining city on a hill has gone out. It will take another revolution to win back freedom. The chance of another group of righteous men leading this nation to freedom is slim to none.

America Media: The Democratic National-socialist Communist Party’s Pravda


With Democrats in charge as our communist dictators here’s what you can expect:

  • The Constitutional United States will be fundamentally transformed into the Communist United States.
  • Demented mobster thug Joe will not be long for the presidency and will soon be replaced by Obama surrogate Kommie Harris to do his bidding to complete the destruction of America.
  • The Trump tax cuts will be rescinded, and you will pay the government an addition $2000+ each year that will only increase.
  • The ObamaCare Mandate Penalty Tax will be reinstated on the poor.
  • The blue state federal income tax deduction of state taxes will be reinstated so that red states pay for blue state’s taxpayer benefits.
  • The border will be reopened, and the nation flooded with communistas from the south.
  • Illegal aliens will be given citizens’ rights to vote and compensated with taxpayer money to which they have not and will not contribute.
  • Democrats will award their new voters with tax free businesses primarily from the restaurants they forced to shut down under their Coronavirus terrorism.
  • Antifa/BLM Nazi/communist thugs will be given the rule of the roost to keep the sheeple in line.
  • They will be coming for your guns by taxation, regulation, ammunition, any way they can so that you are defenseless against government tyrants and their criminals.
  • They will disarm our military again as Obama did in the face of the Chicom threat.
  • They will stack the Senate and courts with leftists making constitutional laws redundant before they take it away to make their own laws.
  • Democrats will make mail-in ballot fraud the law of the land so that they can steal every election to come and choose who holds seats in power.

That’s just a taste of what is in store under the new tyrannical dictators of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party of the Communist States of Amerika. Our Christian cultural heritage is going to be dismantled and liberty is going to be a thing of the past. Those who do not submit to serve the state will be oppressed. American patriots will be smeared as white supremacists and ostracized from the left’s New World Order.

We have become Amerika where every nightmare of leftism, racism, fascism, and communism will subsume all that is good and right in the world. We are entering a thousand years of darkness and where the world will find a new light may depend wholly on the 2nd Coming.


President Trump’s Farewell Address to the Nation

[Author’s Note: Democrats have seized power as America’s new communist dictators. They even went so far as to pare out their 10% of loyal minions from the National Guard in D.C.  to be their praetorians. Unfortunately for America the other 90% did not take the opportunity to crush them all. In the coming months expect Republican congressmen like Cruz, Paul, Hawley, Nunes, Gaetz, and Jordan to be removed from office.

We can only expect things to get far worse as Democrats institute their China policies and tear down America’s infrastructure. Expect things like famines and plagues to make the people more dependent and compliant. America is no longer a constitutional republic. It is Amerika the fascist state of communist totalitarian dictators.

We are no longer a nation of laws regardless of any façade the left tries to create. I don’t know how President Trump has any optimism left for our future. We are in this darkness because Americans have forgotten who we are and the left means to erase us. Only a second revolution can bring back America as no communist regime falls to dissent.

When President Trump announced he would peacefully surrender power to the Democrat National-socialist Communist Party, I hoped and prayed he had an ace up his sleeve. Their call for him to be ousted before the 20th only proved that they were in terror of the man who slapped them silly every day in the media. But the great revolution against Democrat’s civil war to overthrow the USA and make us the Communist States of America failed to materialize. Donald Trump will not be remembered as a great American president but as the last American president.

I will never refer to these communist usurpers as presidents and congressmen. They are now the Secretary-General and Comrades of the Politburo of Amerika. I’ll get my news from the only source I can trust anymore – Rush – as FOX and others are now severely constrained by the leftwing propaganda machine. As of yesterday, you are now living in a communist state and the light of liberty has gone out in the world. You are no longer safe to be living in America. I will not vote again in this farce for these criminals. God help us all.]

P.S. My wife and family want me to take this site down so that we are not targeted by the regime. I expect I’m so small and insignificant to them that it would take years before they get around to me so I will leave it up for a time, but I will be turning most of my attention to ways I can write and make some money. It will take time, but the communists will slowly strangle liberty until this nation is wholly under their fascist totalitarian rule. We will do our utmost to protect our money and try to find tax shelters for our savings. 401ks will not be safe as Democrats seize all assets they can to fund their liabilities. It will be as Margaret Thatcher said,

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

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