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The Republican Party Is Failing to Deal with the Criminal Activities of the Democrat Party

The Republican Party Is Failing to Deal with the Criminal Activities of the Democrat Party

By Source -February 11, 2021

Americans have had it with the Republican Party.  The Party offers very little, if anything, without President Trump who had a backbone and knew how to deal with criminals, thugs and abusers.

Republicans ignored the greatest election results for a US President in history and align themselves with what now has become the communist left.  Republicans remain silent… and don’t dare to suggest that the election was stolen in the greatest crime in history.  The Democrat media might attack them.

Instead, Republicans jump over each other to try to please the Democrat Party who are evil and just stole the election from them.  The Democrats are now so emboldened because they know they will never lose an election ever again.  They own the machines and the criminals and processes to steal every election in history.  They are now proposing to lock in this criminal activity in a bill that will fix elections forever.

This is fine with weak, lost, and dumb Republicans who are really only concerned about how to enrich themselves.  Here are some additional thoughts from a reader, comparing the Republicans to victims of abuse:

A critically important analysis of our current events is to understand the current Republican (Reps) relationship with Democrats (Dems) is that of the abusive spouse (usually the husband) and the victim spouse (usually the wife). In these relationships, the husband may do something like slap the wife hard across the face for some trivial transgression. When the wife, in shock, protests that he slapped (or hurt) her, his reply is “I didn’t slap (or hurt) you.” and he brushes it off like nothing happened. Or he may even turn the tables and ask her why she’s making a big deal out of nothing. He gaslights her.

I’ll pause things right here and ask you to reflect on that verbal exchange in light of events from 2020 such as the summer time rioting. The Reps protested that Dems were rioting. Dems (and the MSM) reply that “we’re not rioting, we’re mostly peaceful protesting.” How many times do Repubs state the obvious Dem transgression, crime, moral failing, etc. only for Dems/MSM to say “no it isn’t/no we didn’t” in the same vein as “I didn’t slap you.”

Back to the abusive husband and victim wife template. Stating the opposite of and/or denying the reality of something is gaslighting and the purpose of it is two parts. The larger element is that the abuser is trying to construct a relationship with the victim such that the abuser is able to abuse time and again, and suffer no negative consequences (the victim’s wife doesn’t report anything to the cops, nor does she leave/separate/divorce the abusive husband).

The second element is that in denying the reality of their abusive actions, the abuser may insinuate that the victim is crazy, no one would believe her, she is making a mountain out of a molehill, and in general sow seeds of self-doubt within the victim, trying to break her down mentally. The abuser is hoping to make a doormat out of the victim. Obviously it helps if the victim has low self-esteem or lacks confidence, and has little or no support from friends/family/work colleagues, and maybe even needs booze, pills, or other crutches to get through the day, etc. Gaslighting is the primary tool, to psychologically wear down the victim in hopes of creating a sustained abusive relationship: alpha/abuser to beta/victim.

Which brings up one last element that the abuser needs to put in place to make for a sustained abusive relationship. That is that he must convince the victim that any other alternative to her relationship with him is worse than what they’ve got. So if she thinks or talks of leaving him, he will tell her that she’s damaged goods, no other man will want her, and in general create a phony bogeyman or paint an awful situation that awaits her, playing upon her worst fears and insecurities.

Going back to politics, the Dem goal with gaslighting is to create a sustained abusive relationship with Reps, where Dems are the alpha/abuser and Reps are the beta/victim, and Dems never get held responsible for any and all of their criminal activity. Also the above explains why Dems are so gung-ho on the “sexist-racist-homophobe-Islamaphobe-xenophobe-conspiracy theorist-insurrectionist” labeling of Reps. It’s primarily geared for the Dem’s African-American constituents, who the Dems are victimizing in a sustained abusive relationship and are most likely to bolt from their relationship with Dems. The Dems are saying to these constituents, “If you ever think of leaving me to go to the Reps, they are lynchers, racists, etc. If you think we (Dems) are bad, Repubs are ten times worse.”

The good thing is that Trump and most grass roots Reps see through the gaslighting and are of strong enough esteem and confidence that they can say “that’s BS, you’re not walking over me” and won’t be moved off of their position. Trump seriously reinforced that backbone into his 80MM voters, which is what the Dems, MSM, and Deep State hate the most. They had just about totally demoralized the grass roots Reps, but Trump gave them a voice, courage, and new life.

Unfortunately Obama’s people/Dems have a stranglehold on DOJ/FBI/US Attorney offices and it’s going to be that way for another four years. So they will be able to get away with their abuse and not suffer any criminal penalties. Dems aren’t held accountable by the rule of law, and therefore more and more abuse is coming. Don’t underestimate how evil the Left will be in the days ahead.

It’s insane to own lies that are created to enable abuse and to try to apologize to criminal politicians or abusive spouses for their criminal and abusive acts.  But, this is your Republican Party today.

Source: https://harbingersdaily.com/the-republican-party-is-failing-to-deal-with-the-criminal-activities-of-the-democrat-party/