Feds Attempting To Entrap Truthers?

Bizarre conversation in bar suggests ex-military personnel are trying to provocateur liberty activists

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Friday, December 12, 2008

A bizarre bar room conversation related to us by a reader suggests that ex-military personnel may be being used to provocateur 9/11 truthers and liberty activists into making violent statements as a potential pretext for entrapment.

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous informs us about a strange individual who entered his local bar and suddenly started spouting off in a loud voice about Jews, 9/11 and even allegedly made death threats against Barack Obama.

The full story of the encounter is included below.


Last night at about 6pm, I decided to go have a scotch and pizza at a nearby pub. I’ve been there several times and like most of the times in my life of visiting bars, I have never sat next to someone that wanted to (in this case) encourage open statements against the Jews, against Obama, against the government, but not necessarily at George Bush, Jeb Bush, or even Marvin Bush.

Out-of-the-blue, a fairly educated looking individual sits down next to me and began bashing Jews, faster than I could say “What?”

He ordered a pizza and a coke, and began bashing FoxNews as the “Jew Tube” and kept trying to get my input. My antennas went-up immediately and I made the mistake of engaging in a conversation with him, and mentioned that FoxNews was typical of mainstream media now. He continued to bash Jews at every single level and tells me he knows who exactly was behind 9/11. “I know I sound like a Jew basher, but it’s the truth,” he says…and that “Alex Jones is right and he bashes Jews too!” (He didn’t ask me if I had seen “Loose Change”) but he assumed that I did. I told him that Alex does not bash Jews, and I asked, “What station do you listen to Alex on?” He paused and said, “I only saw Loose Change!” And added…”I don’t listen to him on any station.” He went-on about 9/11 being an inside job, and of course, “the Jews did it,” he said.

I told him several times that I have nothing against the people of Israel, but I am sure that Mossad and the Pakistani ISI were involved, I continued…”That’s a theory and all my expertise is on the act itself, since I am a retired airline captain of large jets, therefore, leave it to a new investigation to determine who actually did it!” He goes-on…”The Jews were behind 9/11, they’re behind everything!” I just shuddered, as most everyone around us could hear him.

He went-on about everyone, including Obama being a Jewish descendent and “somebody should K*** him” etc. He continued to stay on that a few minutes and trying to get me to agree. I didn’t…

I told him that he can’t just walk into a bar, up to someone he doesn’t know, and begin bashing Jews! “That can get you in an immediate bar fight!” He said…”I have a right to express my 1st amendment rights and if nobody likes it…tough!”

I was eating my pizza as fast as I could, because I was beginning to get sick. I felt strongly that he was a federal agent, attempting to (either) initiate me into a supremacist group, or openly state something against Obama (to determine a threat level of me), or use a taped conversation later as evidence to lock me up. BTW…he knew nothing about REX 84.

He was in full agreement that 9/11 was an inside job, and told me his name….but if you look at his article on “Defense Link” below, it paints a different picture. He’s retired from the Navy and seems to have become very disgruntled about 9/11, or he’s an agent. Something tripped this guy, and it would be remarkable if “Loose Change” did it, but certain things don’t add up here. I was definitely being prompted to agree and talk on his terms.

The moral of this story is to NOT engage in open conversation about sensitive issues at a bar. Hand them a DVD (outside) and ask them to tell you later as to what they think about it. If you are the initiator of a sensitive conversation, you have a better chance of not encountering a federal agent that wants to drag you into their world. And by all means…don’t open conversations by bashing Jews, Christians, and telling people what you would like see happen to Obama. ONLY federal agents can get away with that dialogue when prompting a subject to fall into their trap. Our new world will get real testy soon and people need to be aware of who they are talking to, because the search for dissidents, patriots, 9/11 truthers, bloggers, and radio/journalists is on the move.

I ate my last piece of pizza and told him I had to go feed my dog. I get-up, didn’t wait for the bartender to take my money…I walked over to the end of the bar and paid her. He gets up and walks over to where I am standing and pays his bill too! He leaves out the front door…I walk into the bathroom, and a guy, that was sitting near us, (now in the bathroom) had been listening to the conversation, asked me “What in the hell was that all about? That guy was F****** strange!”

If that were the entirety of the story then one would be inclined to dismiss the individual as just a disturbed nutcase.

However, despite this individual making vague but hostile statements against Jews, the government, the media and the official 9/11 story, he is prominently featured on the U.S. Department of Defense website as a recently retired Navy officer who expressed vehement support for the war on terror. His real name and photo are carried on the defenselink.mil website, according to the reader who related the story, and were provided to us. The reader knows it is the same guy because he mentioned a very specific thing about himself during the conversation that is also detailed on the Defense Department website page.

The contradiction between this and the individual’s statements and behavior in the bar suggest that he was putting on an act in an attempt to attract anyone of a radical bent that might be a target for an undercover entrapment operation.

His blanket statements yet distinct lack of detailed knowledge about 9/11, along with his claim that “Alex Jones bashes Jews,” and the alleged death threat made against Obama are very suspicious indicators that this individual is on the payroll as a Federal informant involved in some kind of entrapment dragnet.

Far from being a paranoid fantasy, this is a method commonly employed by intelligence agencies to entrap alleged terrorists who are later presented to the media as dangerous Al-Qaeda affiliated operatives, as we saw in the case of the “Chicago Seven,” who were in actual fact a near-retarded street gang who took cash from an FBI provocateur in return for making violent remarks and drawing up crude plans to attack the Sears Tower.

The 9/11 truth movement is completely peaceful and no 9/11 truther has ever been criminally charged from activities relating to a protest or demonstration. Despite this fact, smear attempts to link the truth movement with crude terror attacks, such as the fire-bombing of the US military recruiting center in New York’s Times Square, have repeatedly been attempted.

We advise readers to express extreme caution when approached by strangers who begin talking in this manner and also to report any death threats made against public figures to the relevant authorities.

Source: http://www.prisonplanet.com/feds-attempting-to-entrap-truthers.html