The Corporation – Eye-Opening Documentary

The Corporation – Eye-Opening Documentary
Please don’t watch the documentary before reading this small introduction.

Fist of all, I believe we all are smart enough to separate the useful facts from the multicultural lies in this film and that’s the reason why I share it with everyone.

There is a section in the documentary about Nazi Germany, saying that the Nazi regime was a creation of corporations and that the so called Holocaust was profitable for corporations. Nonsense!

We have to state something very clearly. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century it became impossible for any new regime to exist without collaboration with corporations. By the same token, corporations were dependent on any kind of regime, in order to expand their power.

With Nazi Germany we find an unwilling partnership that resembles a kind of rat-race:

  • Hitler utilized corporations while developing a new financial system in which corporations don’t rule anymore.
  • Corporations had to invest in Germany in order to survive, while preparing war against Hitler.
  • And both hoped to get enough power first, in other to destroy the other.

The fact corporations invested in Nazi Germany doesn’t mean they didn’t recognize Hitler as their worst enemy; they know no morals. Their solution was waging a World War against Hitler while trying to squeeze their investments in the German market.

We have to realize too that the killing of millions of Jews is not good for our Jewish system of eternal growth and multiculturalism, as it is implied. It is the total opposite: the more disunited the people and the more different people there are, the easier it is for the corporations to enslave a country.

That the presence of Jews in Germany was good for Corporations doesn’t mean Hitler killed them in gas chambers; that is practically impossible, even today, and it was more realistic to chase them away.

The story of the Holocaust is the grounding myth of corporation rule today and when this Judeam Chomsky speaks so eloquently against Corporations, he is still supporting them, because he turns away from a real solution, which is racial based societies, with a new economic system free of Jewish usury. He has never proposed any of that, rather he promotes the fairy tale of the Holocaust.

The astute observer will realize that the documentary brings absolutely no proof that millions of Jews were killed in gas chambers; the so referred ‘special treatment’ in the documentary applied to a few thousand criminals of any race and by no means to 6 Million Jews.

They also show some contracts among Nazi Germany and corporations, but no historian has ever been able to bring a document implying the planned killing of Jews. The same documentary admits, though, that this had required unbelievable organization! Can a regime organize the killing of a population equivalent to a small country in only 3 months without any documents?

That’s absolutely absurd. If there was a plan to exterminate Jews, there would have been a lot of documents, carrying over the plan among all ranks of the operation, and at least one document had to survive the war. Not a single one has been ever found.

In fewer words, despite the claims in this documentary, the Holocaust remains ratified as a lie. This documentary is nevertheless worthy of watching because it shows the kind of evil behind corporations, even if it is not called by its real name, e.i. Jewish finance.


We could say that the goal of this documentary was also to associate so called ‘Fascism’ with corporations and then offer multiculturalism and human rights as a solution to this problem. In this way the outraged activist ends up helping corporations while thinking he is fighting them.

We see in this documentary, though, that The Human Rights Movement gave more power to corporations!However, these idiots believe it was unforeseen and seem to promote more Human Rights and Multiculti as the solution. They probably want to give corporations more ‘unforeseen power’.

There are many people who wake up to the problem with corporations and the best way to put them out of the way is to make them think Fascism is the problem and make them support Human Rights and multiculturalism (which are the public-relations face of corporations).

The Human Rights movement was invented by the Jews in order to legitimate intervention in sovereign countries, expand Corporation-rule there, and as shown in the film, in order to get legal privileges without belonging to a community. Multiculturalism was designed in order to facilitate the circulation of people and goods.

I find useful some revelations about corporations in this film, but we should not forget that the Jew wants you to reach the false conclusions. Corporations are so evil only because our financial system designed them to be so, and only a new financial system without interest rates and without eternal growth will cure this mess. In a healthy financial system there is no place for Human Rights or Multiculturalism. Those things make sense only in an expanding market ready to plunder everything and everyone.

Of course, all the activists in this documentary avoid a healthy economic system, with their phony proposals.


Corporations are the offspring of our economic system and they take all the characteristics of their creators. We should not forget that both our economic system and corporations are artificial, and were taken into existence through well calculated decisions.

Such a system, programmed to destroy all life and Beauty on earth, in such a monstrous way, could not have appeared through Natural Selection. Corporations behave like psychopaths and this give us a glimpse into the Jewish mind. I agree with some (by no means with the supposed ‘solutions’!) of what this documentary says, but we have to keep in mind, that the best cure to this destruction are racial differentiation and local development.

Racial differentiation is the mechanism that Nature uses to keep the balance of ‘giving and taking‘ with Mother Earth, it is the only way of making Life sustainable.