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With Joe Biden And Democrats Directly Responsible For The Disastrous State Of America And The World, Every Single Evil Thing They’re Doing Now Is Designed To Destroy America

– We Have Arrived At One Of The Darkest Periods Of Human History

May 24, 2022

By  Jason Auerbach – All News PipeLine

We hold these truths to be self-evident that…, well, as Biden said, “You know the thing.” Unfortunately, with the Marxist takeover of the Democratic Party, far too many Americans are forgetting the thing. We are becoming a nation of many “things” all of which have one thing in common, the eradication of the American ideal and the transformation of our country into the antithesis of what our founding fathers (founding cis-gender heterosexual Caucasian non-birthing males?) intended. Indeed, it seems as though the left is intent on making a mockery of anything containing a semblance of Judeo Christian norms and the founding principles of the American promise.

These fringe ideas may appear to have much more support than they actually do thanks to the vocal, organized, and enormously well-funded groups which work relentlessly in conjunction with our leftist media to amplify those fringe voices. It’s all a carefully orchestrated attempt by the radical left, who are currently in control of the party of the jackass, to normalize the abnormal, and push a Marxist ideology. The amount of monetary support these groups receive and funnel into Democrat groups is astonishing. If we can’t outspend our opponents, we have to be smarter than them.

The Demoncrats have a battle plan. Republicans need to be just as prepared as their adversaries. Here, I present that battle plan. I present to you… 

The Tenets of GOP Dominance

1. Name rebranding: Democrats are experts at using language to their benefit. Think about the language. The words used. While such quibbling over semantics may seem petty, words are wielded like weapons on the left.

“Conservative,” the party name alone sounds stuffy. Progressive sounds forwardthinking (the word progress is in there after all). Their toxic policies cannot be called what they truly are: regressive. “Build Back Better” sounds better than “Bankrupt America with policies that will send inflation higher than it already is.” “Voting rights” sounds like something that should have passed decades ago and a fantastic cause to rally behind. A more factually accurate slogan like “No voter ID required so it’s easier for our party to cheat and use mail-in voting that’s advantageous” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though.

It can’t be overstated. Democrats are masters of branding. “All lives matter” and “There are only two genders” are not remotely controversial statements yet through repetition and expertly manipulated propaganda campaigns they have become toxic.

A recent example of this tactic is “Don’t say gay,” as Democrats call it, in Florida. It’s a bill that valiantly protects children from abusive sexual indoctrination yet is horribly marketed. It should be obvious that these underdeveloped impressionable young minds should remain free from what essentially amounts to predatory grooming. Somehow it’s not. We as conservatives have a responsibility to clarify what these lessons teach and a civic duty to show the voters the truth. The right branding can assist us with this vital task..

The “protect the children from sexual abuse act” would be a much better title than the “Parents rights act”. Again, branding is key. Police don’t arrest the poor (as proponents of regressive criminal justice claim) they arrest CRIMINALS and the poor are often their victims. This should be obvious and clear yet the Dems have obfuscated the truth well. We mustn’t let them. We need to hold them accountable and call out their lies…

Rachel Levine’s claim all agree on ‘gender-affirming care’ is slammed by doctors ‘in hiding’ | Fox News

2. Use star power to help win over young voters. It’s unfortunate, but the public tends to glorify their favorite celebrities and often overvalue the opinions of the dancing monkeys whose sole job is ostensibly to entertain us. These masters of the craft of pretending to be someone else tend to lean left and echo the slogans of the political groups who happily siphon their hoards of cash. Let’s use their own branding tactics against them and find popular conservative celebrities brave enough to speak out and show support for conservative causes. This goes hand in hand with rallying our side to actually come out and vote.

While the majority of “stars” are crazy leftists, there are some that will defend our venerable American values and speak out. Find them and put them in an ad campaign.

3. Republicans have to verbally attack as aggressively as Democrats do and harp on their many tragic failures. Afghanistan was a disaster where we lost 13 heroes. Many more were injured and hundreds of Afghans were killed so that Biden would have something to brag about. The retaliatory strike was a nightmare in which a rushed attempt to save face resulted in seven innocent children and 13 heroes being killed. I have no idea why the faces of those children aren’t being aired daily to remind Americans of the tragedy of Biden’s actions but the media has sadly chosen to move on.

It is imperative that the greatest blunder in modern military history is something American voters have fresh within their minds when going out to vote in November. We can’t let Americans forget. We can’t simply move on.

When was the last time Democrats moved on from an issue? Many repeat their made-up Russia narratives and ridiculous Trump pee, pee tape theories to this day. And on that note… 

4. The nexus has to be established between Democrat policies and the resultant erosion of our country. Republican candidates have to explain, in a simple but detailed manner, how the disastrous consequences of Democrat policies cause such hardship for the average American family. This is especially necessary for those who don’t watch conservative media. Let’s connect the dots for voters…

Crime and inflation, two of the top voter issues, are out of control. The left has declared war on law and order and sane governing policies. When they defunded and vilified the police, eliminated bail, castigated cops when they had to use justified force to apprehend dangerous criminals, and essentially made criminals into heroes, the natural results followed. The cause and effect of negative leftist policies will always result in more misery for the average American citizen. Republicans need to harp on this message!

That misery extends to the pain we are all feeling at the pump. Close pipelines while implementing regulations hostile to fossil fuel and oil and gas prices explode. Print endless money and spend our tax dollars like a drunken sailor and inflation shoots higher than Hunter on a three-day heroin binge. Clearly establish the nexus between policy and result….

Inflation proves Biden has done everything wrong all at once (nypost.com)

Here’s how Team Biden is fueling food inflation (nypost.com)

Musk and Bezos Agree on Who Is Responsible for Inflation – TheStreet

Biden isn’t fooling anyone ⁠— inflation is his fault and he has no solution to fix it (nypost.com)

Biden finally admits inflation a ‘real tough problem,’ suggests it may get worse (nypost.com)

Sen Hawley Destroys Biden Energy Secretary on Soaring Gas Prices (townhall.com)

To reiterate, the general public has to be made aware that it’s the POLICIES of this administration that have led to record-high inflation, murder rates, and illegal immigration (more than 2 MILLION fresh future Democrat voters this year alone) and the disastrous state of the world.

It can’t be emphasized enough, a nexus has to be established, in an understandable way, between these negative leftist policies and their unfortunate outcomes. Republicans need simply to highlight the negative results of Leftist laws, policies, and ideas and repeat those explanations until the average American understands what the conservative media viewer does. It’s these horrible policies that have caused all that currently ails American citizens. Let’s lay the blame where it belongs and force our opponents to accept responsibility.

Dems advocate high immigration to gain political power — and smear Republicans when called on it (nypost.com)

Sounds easy, right? The difficulty here lies in the fact that the nexus between policy and result is not always as clear as it should be thanks to our opponents expertly crafted propaganda. The left attempts to distract us from the real problems their policies have caused by focusing on the fantastical and creating a panic over the irrelevant. The world will end if we take a plane or don’t end fossil fuels. Their hyperbolic rhetoric is filled with superfluous misinformation intended to deceive and inflame their base

Joe Biden’s ‘ultra-MAGA’ comments employ Russian tactics (nypost.com)

They are fanatically dedicated to their narratives and will never admit fault or accept blame. For example, inflation is predictably being blamed on Russia, but there is video after video of Biden, in his own jumbled words, declaring war on American energy. Play those videos again and again until the average independent and Democrat voter sees them.

Republican party members need to establish the connection between Biden’s destructive policy and the current state of America. Same with the woke indoctrination that is weakening our military and public education system. Print the documents which prioritize woke insanity above the safety of our children and our own national security. Better still, Republicans should ensure that the average middle-class registered moderate Democrat has a copy of those documents mailed to them. Actually reading about Leftist policies, and seeing the glaring difference between Democrat and Republican ideologies first hand, might finally awaken less enthusiastic voters from their self-imposed stupor.

Biden’s war on energy, means Americans are paying more (nypost.com)

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5. Help voters understand that, yes, they really are THAT radical. Republican candidates have to understand that many of the policies the Democrats have implemented are so outlandish, so crazy, so unnatural, that most registered Democrats and independents actually believe they are Republican propaganda. The left’s science is often akin to science fiction (but trust it, they insist).

It doesn’t help that the Demoncrats are well aware that their radical agenda doesn’t sit well with the majority of Americans and will spin the reality of the harmful tangible effects their policies have on the average voter (again, see inflation). Make them understand that it’s all very real. 

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”-Ayn Rand

Returning to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill as an example, we have the predatory grooming and sexualization of children. This form of child abuse is practically universally rejected. Despite that, it’s somehow being implemented nationwide as a standard kindergarten curriculum. Under the guise of promoting gay rights (something we already have in America), they are teaching our children subject matter that would have rightfully gotten a teacher arrested had they had that same material on their computer a few short years ago.

In this instance it’s not the content (which is repulsive) but the messaging that has allowed these radical lesson plans to flourish. Many wrongfully believe that these lessons can’t possibly be as twisted as the right claims. They fall for the “it’s about tolerance” lie. 

Republicans have to clearly and aggressively expose the truth behind the false messaging until voters understand that a vote for a “progressive” Democrat is essentially a vote for pedophilia.

Incontestable vaccine mandates are another universally unpopular policy of the party currently in charge. These mandates allow no room for dissent and are more radical than they initially appear to be. Despite the conflicting science on their safety and effectiveness, we as Americans are not allowed to so much as question the injections. That kind of dogmatic governing is more than simply wrong, it’s dangerous. Help voters understand the implications of such unquestioning adherence to radical mandates rooted in an incestuous relationship between government and big Pharma. 

“If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized … If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance — you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” -Ian Watson-

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” -C.S. Lewis-

Something Republicans have to keep in mind though is that since Democrat policies are so destructive and unpopular (and the left know this), they will freely use Marxist tactics to attempt to destroy free speech and police facts. Many Americans would be shocked and outraged by how radical this administration actually is. But just as many aren’t aware of much of it.

The newly created (and thankfully stalled) disinformation arm of homeland security was a terrifying existential threat to democracy intended to keep Americans in the dark. The board initially received a ho-hum reaction from Republicans. That lukewarm reaction should chill all Americans to the bone. The head of that division was a show-tune singing maniac. SNL skits have apparently become reality?

Thankfully, a spotlight was shined on this administration’s overreach and lunacy. Republicans finally stepped-up In this instance. The negative publicity worked and the division is currently in limbo. The show tune-singer is also gone. The lesson here? When we expose their radical agenda and lies, we win. That said, it is striking how many average citizens are totally oblivious to the reality of the tyranny currently engulfing our once proud republic.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right.” -George Orwell-

We must shine a light on the Left’s radical insanity and expose their controlled demolition of our country. Biden says these are Putin’s price hikes. In reality, there is video after video of him declaring a war on fossil fuels in service of the radical climate cultists behind the curtain. We have the proof, it just boils down to articulating the message so that the vast majority of Americans can come to recognize it. Let their own words and videos speak for themselves and expose the extreme left policies of this administration! 

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin-

Republicans need to show aggression when making their points, the passivity of RINOS must cease. Like our opponents, that message has to be repeated in unison, using as much bombastic rhetoric as the other side does. Remember, it’s a war of words, and right now the other side is winning.

6. Support unions! The number one reason moderate Democrats support radical Dems (according to the moderate Democrats I’ve spoken with) is that many blue-collar workers are conditioned to believe that Republicans are anti-union. Be clear about what the GOP stands for and lock in the working class of all races, religions and genders. Safe streets, less government, energy independence, lower taxes, and more money in your pocket should be the Republican mantra. Again, support unions without being beholden to their whims, easier said than done, I know.

7. Call out Democrats’ absolute obsession with dividing Americans by race. “Content of character” is irrelevant to Democrats. “Color of skin” is the knife that cuts us into sections with “good and bad races” which are pitted against one another in a never-ending contest of the oppressed vs the oppressor. Republicans must expose how those in political power are using this despicable racial division tactic in order to benefit the Leftist agenda.

Virginia school’s ‘anti-racist’ program has changed my son: mom (nypost.com)

A majority of Americans are tired of being called racist and of being beholden to a “woke” culture that forces us to watch our words and censor our opinions. Many are done with political correctness. Use that.

In these strange times, we are even told what to be outraged over. A slap from a celebrity dominates the media machine yet minority children being gunned down in record numbers in major cities monthly barely receive mention. What we have come to prioritize has sadly become a reflection of the society we currently exist in. Exposing the duplicitous tactics and phoniness of the Left must become a priority of the GOP!

Zero outrage for these poor victims: Girl, 11, dies after being hit with stray bullet in NYC (nypost.com)

12-year-old boy fatally shot while sitting in parked car in Brooklyn (nypost.com)

Two boys, 15, shot outside NYC public housing complex (nypost.com)

Insanity! Rapper C Blu, Camrin Williams, attempted murder case dropped (nypost.com)

Ex-con who shot rifle into NYC crowd was free without bail (nypost.com)

Hochul’s racial huckstering after Buffalo ignores NY’s violent-crime surge (nypost.com)

Crime is out-of-control in NY for a reason and it’s a winning issue for Republicans…

Man shot and killed on NYC subway in broad daylight: cops (nypost.com)

Judge who cut C Blu loose is partially responsible for NYC crime surge: source (nypost.com)

Teen girl shot in face, 2 men killed as bullets fly in NYC: cops (nypost.com)

People must come to realize the difference between real and imagined horrors. They must become aware of the role that race-baiting plays in the destruction of the communities the left professes to champion. And on that note…

Republicans have to evolve and make an appeal to minority voters without pandering to the social justice lunatics. Show the statistics of how many black children were shot in the last two years by gang bangers protected by the shield of “progressive” criminal justice reform. Where was the outrage there?

Minorities have just as much of a right to feel safe in their communities as the rich (of all races) do in theirs. The message here should be that Republicans will bring that safety by punishing criminals and removing them so that the law-abiding may prosper, regardless of their skin color or sexual preference.

8. Expose the Left’s corruption and make certain it can’t be buried. The proven corruption of this administration is shocking yet most voters have no idea. Why is the GOP not repeating the same narrative the Democrats did? Our last Commander In Chief was accused of all manner of corruption. It was non-stop. Evidence of that corruption was never required. In the case of the current administration, the corruption actually occurred (allegedly?) through the President’s son’s deals with his foreign business partners – to the tune of millions! “The President sold out our foreign policy to the highest bidder” should be the message ingrained in the minds of primary voters. 

Republicans must place an exclamation point upon the glaring corruption of the Biden crime family. There are numerous piles of physical and video evidence out there. Parade that evidence before of the American people in a continuous loop. The word Treason should be thrown around often and the message kept simple but repeated so frequently that the local stock boy at the corner store understands it. The Dems use repetitious Marxist tactics to push their lies. Shouldn’t we use those same tactics to push the truth?

Hunter Biden raked in $11M from overseas biz deals (nypost.com)

Unfortunately, unlike Democrats, Republicans let the scandals go. They should be harping on and on until it sticks. A recent headline about the Biden administration read “How the Beau Biden Foundation spends its cash” The (correct) headline here should have been “Biden uses dead son for-profit.” Republicans must use slogans that land and fight as dirty as our opponents.

We don’t have the media in our corner so we have to work harder to expose the truth and make certain it penetrates into the minds of voters, especially those who don’t follow politics.

Make the puppet in chief Biden into the villain he is. It’s recently been proven that he lied about not knowing Hunter’s business partners. As the then vice-pres visitor logs revealed, Hunter’s business partners made 27 white house visits. The media and Dems did an excellent job of turning the bombastic Trump into a villain. Let’s learn from our opponents and do the same.

9. Prove to voters that Republicans have the solutions to the problems the left has created and exacerbated. Convince the public that our side has the solutions to fix what the left has broken. Under the last admin, we were energy independent, had lower crime, and celebrated women’s sports. The left has destroyed our energy, sent inflation through the roof, eliminated punishment and consequences for criminals, and destroyed woman’s sports. It’s not hyperbolic rhetoric to say that there is already a proven blueprint to fix this country. But Republicans have to be elected to do it. Democrat politicians are constantly outraged over the frivolous. Their default is 10. Republicans have to begin generating some much-deserved outrage of our own to match the even more outrageous political stance of the increasingly loony left.

A recent case that would be a perfect vehicle for Republican outrage deals with several 13-yearold boys accused of sexual harassment for refusing to address another student by their preferred gender pronoun. This happened here. In America. While we as conservatives should absolutely support ones right to call themselves what they choose and live life in a way that supports their personal pursuit of happiness, the line is crossed when that infringes on our own beliefs and values. The student in question has an absolute right to call themselves any gender they see fit. In America however, the other students have just as much right to disagree with him or her (see what I did there).

I personally believe that science and the lord dictate that there are only two genders. My children feel the same way. It is our belief that you may play pretend and decide your gender freely. It is also our belief that we do not have to play pretend with you. Forcing Americans to bend the knee and submit to confirming something that they believe is factually untrue is the ultimate suppression of our constitutional rights. Let’s remind Americans that they should be outraged by such bold and Orwellian policing of our speech and beliefs.

This controversial book talks about AOC instead of ABCs (nypost.com)

America is the greatest country in the world. We all bleed red white and blue here in the USA. Is it really a stretch to say that it strains credulity to believe that a senile old man campaigning from his basement somehow received the most votes of any President in the history of our great nation? 

If questioning election results, being patriotic, loving our country, and respecting the US Constitution makes us all domestic terrorists, it’s truly the end of the American experiment. Let us unite the country and move forward as one tribe, committed to the advancement of all law-abiding citizens. There’s a reason patriots chant USA. Republicans must act immediately to return sanity to our great Nation… before we all forget the “thing.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/yVT9ETXMCf8