March 23, 2023




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Once again the corrupt United States Government ignores 90% of their own citizen’s wishes and sides with multibillion-dollar corporations instead. How can the public continue to put up with the obviousness that the offices of the President, Senate, and Congress do NOT represent American Citizens, as the constitution insists that they should, when an unprecedented 90% of Americans agree on an issue, yet the multibillion-dollar corporations who are of the opposing view continually have their way instead ?!?!?

This single piece of legislation, H.R. 1599, admittedly written by lawyers from GMO manufacturer Monsanto and introduced by Senator Roy Blunt who acknowledged receiving tens of thousands of dollars in election contributions from Monsanto, is the most apparent steamrolling over the citizen’s wishes that this country has ever seen! The sole reason this legislation was introduced and passed by a bribe-fed congress was to ban Vermont’s new State Law requiring that foods unwittingly swallowed by their State’s residents should be labeled “Contains GMO’s”, if the substance they are about to ingest contains Genetically Modified Organisms.

Surely if the ketchup I am about to swallow contains caffeine, or pork, or alcohol, I have a right to know this fact . . . RIGHT ? As such, what is the big deal about knowing whether or not my ketchup contains un-natural, man-made, genetically engineered ingredients, especially if they are so harmless as claimed ??? IT IS SOOOOOO SIMPLE AND FAIR !

As mentioned, 90% of Americans WANT their foods to be labeled “Contains GMO’s” if they do. (When was the last time 90% of Americans agreed on anything ?) Because the Federal Government REFUSED to write such legislation at the demand of 90% of their citizens over the last SIXTEEN YEARS of given the opportunity to do so, Vermont decided that they would take the initiative on their own to combat the inactivity on this issue at the Federal level and make it a State law.

Immediately after Vermont passed this law, after SIXTEEN YEARS of DELIBERATELY IGNORING the GMO issue, suddenly the Federal Government, with the help of GMO manufacturer Monsanto, submitted legislation BLOCKING Vermont’s law, thusly making the TRUTH . . . ILLEGAL !

In typical slyness of claiming that the legislation requires GMO labeling, it is in fact “Voluntary”, or in other words, MEANINGLESS. The legislation’s sole purpose is to BANStates from requiring GMO labeling on their own. If you want to know which Presidents or Presidential Candidates or other “representatives” actually represent the multibillion-dollar corporations instead of the people under their care, all you have to do is see how they acted or voted on this ONE issue.

Barack Obama (“Democrat”): Against mandatory GMO labeling, despite 90% of Americans being for it.

Ted Cruz (“Republican”): Against mandatory GMO labeling, despite 90% of Americans being for it.

Hillary Clinton (“Democrat”): Against mandatory GMO labeling, despite 90% of Americans being for it.

Bernie Sanders (“Democrat”): For GMO labeling, siding with the citizens instead of the corporations.

Donald Trump (“Republican”): For GMO labeling, siding with the citizens instead of the corporations.

Other gems of the Monsanto legislation is the fact that Monsanto is now EXEMPT from future lawsuits if GMO’s are later proven to cause ill health effects or even death in humans. (Why would they have need for asking for such a thing in legislation if GMO’s were really so harmless?) Look at the picture below to see what happened to mice who were fed an entirely GMO diet . . . They developed multiple tumors.

GMO Tumors

Just as the ancient scriptures warn people not to eat pork, which almost every nutritionist on the entire planet would agree in the absolute worst “food” to consume for good health, the historical writings also warn of the dangers of cross breading species, which is the foundation of GMO’s. (See Leviticus 19:19) For example, when a donkey is mated with a horse (in contradiction to this command not to do so) a new species of a Mule is produced, yet doing so causes a genetic deformity in the animal, resulting in all mules being sterile. Is it any coincidence then that international fertility of rates of people have decreased in direct proportion to the increase of GMO’s in the diet of humanity ???

Lastly, and sadly, “Whole Foods”, which markets itself as a “Health” food store, knowingly, and yet secretly, has up to 30% of their products containing GMO ingredients, all the while deliberately not telling their customers this alarming fact! What a “surprise” that former enemies “Whole Foods” and Monsanto recently became allies on this legislation banning individual States from enacting mandatory GMO labeling! (You might give “Trader Joe’s” a try next time.)

When the Federal Government supports multibillion-dollar corporations over the wishes of90% of their citizens and BANS States from simply TELLING THE TRUTH about the ingredients in food that their countrymen swallow, the United States has taken a sharp turn down the sewer. It is no wonder the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), at the lobbying requests of multibillion-dollar corporations, allows dozens of ingredients in foods that are not only banned in the rest of the world, would actually put you in prison for including in food, which in corrupt America, openly allows you to do so for profit, at the cost of your customer’s precious health.

I have discovered a simple way to outwit the corrupt “voluntary” law, if the 90% of citizens demanding proper labeling continue their vigilance . . . Simply buy nothing unless it saysGMO Free”. Doing so will force GMO labeling from the reverse direction, from the bottom up, of the sly “voluntary” legislation and outsmart the demons at the top of the polluted food chain. Then we will know that anything without the labelGMO Freecontains GMO’s . . . and we can then make our valuable purchasing decisions (in theBillions of dollars together) accordingly.