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The Maui-Lahaina Massacre

Posted on September 2, 2023 by State of the Nation

GHOSTRIDER: The Maui-Lahaina Massacre

Part III


Was DEW Technology used in “The Maui Lahaina Massacre”?

By Robert D. Morningstar

To answer that question, we first need to show that it is possible.

Is it really possible for DEW Technology to destroy boats, cause explosions and selectively set things on firenamely, burn down house, incinerate people and cars without being seen??

The purpose of this report is to apprise the American public of the existence and the threat posed by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and their misuse by a Global Military-Industrial Complex (MilPlex).

One of the so-called “conspiracy theories” surrounding events in Maui is the assertion that the fires were not “natural” and this writer agrees. There was nothing natural about this disaster.

“Unseen Forces” were at play in Maui as they were in the Paradise and Cambell Fires in California, as well as, the Lytton Fires in British Columbia 2 years ago (watch Amazing Polly’s report below).

In the folllowing pages, I shall prove that DEWs are real and effective by using examples of US military research, development and applications of laser and microwave technology weaponry as “proof of concept.”

However, in NO WAY am I asserting or suggesting that the US military attacked our own country, including The US Space Force Headquarters (USSF HQ) nor its own Bureau of Directed Energy Weaponry Diretorate HQ, which are both situated on Maui.

Moreover, “other global powers” (perhap of an Extraterrestrial origin) and several other countries on Earth have such reverse engineered weaponry, and do assert that America is under attack by “unseen forces” be they rival international governments or an Alien Presence inimical to the United States, which the US Deep State in Washington is hiding from the American people.

That menacing threat may well be the reason for the intense UFO/UAP Disclosure Congressional & Senate Hearings going on in Washington DC at this time.

Given our cetain knowledge of the use of predictive programming “(MK-Ultra Mass Mind Control methods in cinema) applied in Hollywood films for several decades (by the CIA/Deep State), usually months or years before an impending terrorist event (and Maui Masscre was blatant terrorism), can we consider it simply chance or serendipity that the US Navy cooperated whole-heartedly with Hollywood to produce the epic science fiction film, Battleship (in 2012), depicting an Extraterrestrial Alien attack on the US Communications Center on Oahu, the island adjacent to Maui?


Another case inpoint, regarding the application of predictive programming, is to be found in the “odd timing” of the release of the spectacular Hollywood movie “Pearl Harbor” in May 2001, a full 7 months BEFORE the actual 60th anniversary of the real Pearl Harbor attack December 7th, but just 4 month before the 911 Attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. in order to psych-up the populace for the ccoming pre=planned wars in Aghanistan and Iraq.



From: Ron F
Date: August 26, 2023 at 12:54:34 EDT
Subject: 4K -18 minute drone video of Lahaina Maui fire (August 10th))

Ron F. wrote:

“I can only guess that this video won’t be available for Long.

I spent 30 years with Richmond Fire, I cannot comprehend such complete & utter destruction over such a large area!! Nor can I fathom the intensity of the temperatures that destroyed these buildings? And Vehicles.

It’s all visible in this video. In most of the buildings that burned, Only the concrete remains, ALL WOOD was destroyed in what must have been 800 to 1.200 degree F temps! Only ash remains !

This defies comprehension! Draw your own conclusions !”

NBC News reports, citing the official goverment timeline:

“5:38 p.m.:

Smoke surrounds boats at Lahaina Mooring Field, according to

→ a video later uploaded to Instagram.

“People are trapped — boats, cars & gas stations are exploding. Everything is burning,” the Instagram user writes. “Please just pray.” …”

Quote: → “ — boats, cars & gas stations are exploding. Everything is burning,”


Timeline: How ferocious wildfires devastated Maui, hour by hour

NBC News has reconstructed a timeline of events in Hawaii, where windswept wildfires ravaged communities and killed scores of people.

Timeline: How ferocious Wildfires devastated Maui


< … boats, cars & gas stations are exploding. Everything is burning,” >

At his point, we seriously have to ask ourselves: → Is that even possible?

Is WHAT possible?

Well?… That boats afloat (not docked) could catch fire with wide expanses of water between moored vessels (at anchor) or other vessels under weigh attempting to leave docks sepated by water from the fires on land.

IS it possible for some UNSEEN Force to set boats on fire and cars ablaze at a distance so as to escape detection and NOT be SEEN?


Let’s watch this US NAVY video report to find out IF DEW Technology can destroy boats, cause explosions and selectively set things on firenamely, burn down houses, incinerate people and cars without being seen

Boat Reduced to Debris by Deadly Laser Weapon – Caught on Camera

DARK Footage YouTube Channel reports:

Aug 10, 2023

Once confined to the imaginative realms of science fiction, laser weapons teeter on the precipice of altering modern warfare forever. Unleashing the power of light speed and unconstrained by ammunition or conventional kinetic defenses, laser weapons herald an era of unparalleled effectiveness and sheer devastation.

As such, the US Navy has meticulously crafted its laser solutions to dominate the fierce battleground of the high seas. In a recent development, the Navy and its partners unveiled their state-of-the-art cutting-edge laser beams in blistering action to the world.

The footage showcases the laser weapon mounted atop the US warship USS Portland.

As a high-speed boat menacingly approaches the warship, the energy weapon locks onto its target and then fires.

In the conventional footage, no beam is visible, only the boat succumbing to the unyielding energy of the weapon.

However, the searing light beam is revealed in a series of infrared images, cutting a path from the weapon to its ill-fated target.

Though widespread use remains on the horizon, US authorities firmly believe their groundbreaking laser weapons are ready to reshape the harrowing conflict in Yemen, proposing them as the solution to the fearsome Houthis boat drones that have plagued the region…

— Dark Footage showcases the most unbelievable photos and videos from history while telling the stories behind the camera. Featuring military, space, aircraft and real-life historic events caught on tape.

The Water Was ON Fire! … The Wave was ON Fire!

Does that sound natural to you, reader?

CBS Reports

Boat Captain Recounts Rescues of Children Escaping Maui Wildfires

Story by Analisa Novak •1w

 Boat captain recounts rescues of children escaping Maui wildfires Story by Analisa Novak


******* 0818-cmo-boatrescue-luciano-2217645-640×360.jpg© Credit: CBSNews

The wildfires that engulfed parts of Hawaii’s landscape last week led to desperate residents seeking refuge in the ocean to escape the flames. But even the water offered no sanctuary as pockets of fire emerged, creating a surreal and terrifying ordeal for those trying to flee.

“The wave was on fire!”

CBS News Reports:

Click here → View on Watch

Chrissy Lovitt, a boat captain from Lahaina, a Maui town almost entirely destroyed by fast-moving wildfires, emerged as a local hero as she navigated her boat through the hazardous waters, rescuing children in the water while her marina became engulfed in flames around her.


The Surgical Destruction in Lahaina

On Mon, Aug 28, 2023 at 2:40 PM Raymond Singer <ray.singer@gmail.com> wrote:

“Surgical destruction in Lahaina – reminiscent of the surgical removal of cow body parts. Notice the straight line of the burn. Not like any wildfire we have ever seen, and suggestive of laser cause.”

Can We Start to See a Pattern Here?

In the video linked below, Amazing Polly discusses the burning of Lytton, British Columbia during the COVID ScamDemic.

There are many parallels <patterns> to be found when we compare the Maui Fires and the Paradise Fire in California (2017) with the mysterious (suspicious) fire that swept through and destroyed the Canadian town of Lytton, BC (in 2021) after Dr. Charles Hoff, M.D. exposed the many deaths and mRNA vaccine-induced injuries that skyrocketed among the First Nations, Canadian Native American population.

As readers will note, the main victims (i.e., targets) of both fires, in Maui and Lytton, BC were principally the First Nations (Native American) Indigenous people and Native Hawaiians.

And as in the cases of the Paradise and Campbell Fires in California, Maui and Lytton, BC comprised communities wherein the residents refused to sell their privately-owned properties to neither the States of California and Hawaii nor to corporations and real estate developers.

Above: Whistleblower Dr. Charles Hoff, formerly a primary physician in Lytton, BC

AMAZING POLLY Asks about The Lytton Fires:



Note → Melted Aluminum Hubcaps Found in the Aftermath of Lytton, BC Fires

What is going on in Hawaii?


Maui: The Insanity Continues

“Locals are finding Mysteriously Burnt out vehicles located outside the Fire Zones…

Somehow, they’re Burnt to a crisp, in Liquid Metal Form and are located in between Houses….Something Very Fishy”

→ https://twitter.com/Risemelbourne/status/1696018577340633297

Note → Melted Aluminum Hubcaps Found in the Aftermath of the Maui Fires


Aether Pirates of the Matterium!

Clif High Describes How DEW Technology Works

In this podcast, Clif High describes the Effects of Directed Energy Weaons and How The DEW Technology operates:

Al2O3 is some tough shit!

Open your eyes to see through the DEWs

— Cliff High

AUG 24 •, 2023

Aether Pirates of the Matterium!

Al2O3 is some tough shit!

Listen now (33 mins) | …

Listen now

8 days ago · 829 likes · 137 comments · clif high



The Global Criminal WEF/BBB “Blame Climate Change” Campaign

Fires in Paradise, CA Blame “Climate Change”

Fires in Campbell, CA Blame “Climate Change”

Fires in British Columbia Blame   “Climate Change”

Fires in Lytton, Canada –  Blame   “Climate Change”

Fires in Ontario, Canada – Blame   “Climate Change”

Fires in Ontario, Canada –  Blame   “Climate change”

Fires in Maui – Lahaina Blame  “Climate Change”

Fires in Turkey & Greece –  Blame   “Climate Change”

79 Arsonists Arrested in Greece for Starting ‘Climate Change’ Fires

→ 79 Arsonists Arrested in Greece for Starting ‘Climate Change’ Fires




Note the sign below:


The American Public Pushback has begun in Nevada

INFOWars reports:


Nevada Rangers rammed through a “climate change” protest that was blocking traffic near the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

The now-viral footage begins with a Tribal Ranger warning the protesters to get off the road before the Ranger drives straight through the blockade when the roadblockers would not comply with his order to “Get off the ‘effin’ road” to free the traffic that was being held up for miles and miles and miles.

“Get off the highway, this is a state route,” said the Tribal Ranger Sunday.

“Everybody will be arrested if not. 30 seconds! Send your leader to my vehicle, let’s talk, get off the fucking road.”

Nevada Tribal Rangers Ram Through “Climate Change” Roadblocks to FREE Traffic Jam to “Burning Man Festival”

→ Nevada Tribal Rangers Ram Through Climate Change Protest Road Blocks


What is going on in Hawaii?


Maui: The Insanity Continues

“Locals are finding Mysteriously Burnt out vehicles located outside the Fire Zones…Somehow, they’re Burnt to a crisp, in Liquid Metal Form and are located in between Houses….Something Very Fishy”

→ https://twitter.com/Risemelbourne/status/1696018577340633297


What the ‘Eph’ is ‘Ephin’ PHEMA Doing Putting up PHences and Blocking Phood & Medicine from Reaching Lahaina?


On August 25th, Randall Carey wrote:

One thing I am certain of.  The Maui fires were ANYTHING BUT NATURAL WILDFIRES.  They don’t burn that way.  I’ve lived in Colorado for over three decades.  I’ve seen a few.  A couple of them have burned right across parts of Colorado Springs.  These Maui fires were a different kind of dog.  But there ARE a few similarities if you consider the effects of extended weather modification to create certain CONDITIONS.

Here is a good article to kind of bring all the dots into alignment.

Lahaina Incineration is Deadly Weather Warfare – Dane Wigington (substack.com)

Dane Wiggington – Climate Engineering/ChemTrail Expert & Whistleblower

→ Lahaina Incineration is Deadly Weather Warfare – Dane Wigington

According to Climate Engineering/ChemTrail Expert, Dane Wigington, they used climate engineering to create a “wind tunnel effect right over Lahaina” with wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour to superheat the fire.


California is the Next Target of the “Burners of the World”

Deborah Tavares New Interview via Dave Hodges via StoptheCrime.net ...

******* Weather Warfare Activist/Whistleblower-Debra Tavares *******

WHO is Waging Global Weather Warfare?

Deborah Tavares Discusses Weather Warfare interviewed on The Power Hour

—> Weather Warfare: Deborah Tavares Intervied on The Power Hour


The Lioness of Judah speaks out:

→ lionessofjudah.substack.com


From: RANDALL CAREY <randallcarey01@msn.com>
Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2023 12:20 PM
To: M
Subject: Re: HORROR: Charred Remains of ‘Entire Families’ Found Huddled Together in Maui Homes; Morgues Run Out of Body Bags (VIDEO)

Just came across THIS again.  Early variants and prototypes of this weapon have been around for decades.

“However, the laser can do something that no existing weapon can: it can strike stealthily. The laser is silent and the beam is invisible; not only is there no muzzle blast or flash, but the effects at the target may not be initially noticed. Examples of so-called ‘scalable effects’ include melting a vehicle’s tires, or disabling a radar or communications antenna without the explosion of a kinetic attack. The laser weapon can quietly set numerous fires, with what John Corley, Director of the USAF’s Air Armament Center called ‘plausible deniability.’

U.S. Air Force Arms Ghostrider Gunship With Laser Weapon For Covert Strikes


→ U.S. Air Force Arms Ghostrider Gunship With Laser Weapon For Covert Strikes

This could mark a new era of ultra-precise, ultra-stealthy strikes.


Any questions?

Notice the “fact checkers” NEVER mention this weapon while they are denying it exists.  I found this article with a ten second search.

Just sayin.



As readers can see from the evidence presented above, we have proven that Directed Energy Weapons are Real, Unseen and Effective weapons of mass destruction.

In closing, I wish to reiterate that in NO WAY am I asserting or suggesting that the US military attacked our own country, especially the US Space Force Headquarters (HQ) nor the US Bureau of Directed Energy Weaponry Diretorate HQ, which are both situated on Maui.

“Other-worldly global powers” (perhaps of an Extraterrestrial origin) and several other countries on Earth have such reverse engineered weaponry (including China, Japan, Russia, Israel and India).

However, I do assert that America is under attack by “unseen forces be they international governments or an Alien Presence inimical to all Americans and the United States, constituting a menacing threat, which the US Deep State in Washington is hiding from the American people.


More Than 2,000 Children From Lahaina Public Schools Still Missing After Maui Wildfires| Missing?



Actor James Woods posted this video report on Twitter X:

→ https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1695829027486064692



Strange Green Chinese Laser Invading American Skies!


Written, Edited and Compiled by Robert D. Morningstar, Publisher/Editor TMRN

With many thanks to Randall Carey, Raymond Singer, Art Wagner, Amazing Polly, Marilyn Martin, John Carman, JFK888, Jerrye Barre, Dane Wiggington, Ron F. and RiseMelbourne on X for their contributions to TMRN & Truth in Journalism.

WWG1WGA – “Where We Go ONE, We Go All”


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