December 3, 2023



Leaked Docs Show How Soros Continues To Massively Reshape US Elections + (VIDEO)

As you’ll learn in the article below, George Soros is s very busy man when it comes to trying to influence/rig elections around the globe in an attempt to further advance the global elites’ vision of forming a One World Government. Right now however, to say that Soros is exceptionally busy with the U.S. 2016 Presidential election would be an understatement. Since the political issue of gerrymandering can be a highly polarizing one, and very confusing issue for some, in the video below I explain the significance of Soros inserting himself into that process, and why it will be disastrous for the country.

In addition to the most recent Wikileaks release provided by the article below, the video also reviews the prior leak that dealt with Soros’ creation of a new speech censoring software for social media platforms that would allow liberals to go after their opponents in real time. Before Wikileaks made the information public, Soros’ new group called “Demos” was intended to be a political group that operated under the typical Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” model that all Soros funded groups do, however it was supposed to do so in a more stealthy and politically correct manner than the other radical Soros funded groups like Black Lives Matter.

As you’ll learn in the video below, the last Wikileaks release revealed that Demos’ goal was to help facilitate the complete globalization of America’s culture in order to balkanize and effectively destroy the very nature of what it means to be an American, and what American culture is, just like Soros groups have done very effectively throughout Europe. Furthermore, the groups other goals include:

1. “Achieving true democracy by reducing the role of money in politics and guaranteeing the freedom to vote,” and that includes NON-citizens. 

2. The Implementation of both UN Agendas 21 and Agenda 2030, which both seeks to“eradicate National sovereignty to the United Nations in favor of a globally controlled centralized government, which includes the diaphanous agenda of climate change.”

3. “Transforming the public narrative” to elevate the values of community and racial equity, which is really just a “gentler way of alluding to the elimination of US free speech and America’s individual 1st amendment rights, a thing that has already been augmented in Europe.”

Information from Soros’ foundation Open Society continue to leak by the hacked files which uncover how the foundation is sponsoring extremist left-wing factions. The most recent discovery reveals how the Open Society Foundation tries to rig the elections so they would benefit the left-wingers.

VIA The Federalist Papers

Breitbart notes that redistricting has a major effect on U.S. elections, so the next Census in 2020 will play a big role in how districts are drawn — which is precisely why Soros and his foundation want to play a role.

A hacked December 2015 memo titled “Voting Rights Portfolio Review: Outcomes Summary” from the U.S. Program’s branch of Open Society shows that Open Society Foundation President Chris Stone requested that a review be initiated to “examine the voting rights field and our related grantmaking.”

A section of the memo titled “First grants to be made” lists four specific leftist groups that the foundation wants to target to influence how the 2020 Census is conducted: The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), the Leadership Conference, Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC), and Demos.

The memo makes it clear what the foundation is attempting to do with the funding — influence how the Census is conducted:

“Advocates have about a year and a half to influence appropriations for the Census Bureau, the redesign of racial categories on the 2020 Census instrument and policy regarding how to count persons who are incarcerated. Census topics must be presented to Congress in April 2017 with final questions by April 2018.”



NALEO’s website outlines their attempts to “educate” policymakers about issues surrounding the 2020 Census — particularly how it applies to Latinos:

NALEO Educational Fund also educates policymakers about the need for sound and cost-effective planning for Census 2020. In addition, we work to strengthen the American Community Survey, which is the source of updated information on a wide range of population and housing characteristics. NALEO Educational Fund also advocates for policies to address the persistent problem of the under-representation of Latinos at all of the levels of the Census Bureau’s workforce, particularly in its senior and management leadership positions.

Demos, a Soros-funded group, advocates for “fair redistricting” and the end of “prison gerrymandering,” which means including incarcerated individuals in the census and the issue of where to list their residence — i.e., where they’re incarcerated.

In a completely unsurprising bit of info, the Washington Examiner reported on a study that showed convicts in three states, New York, New Mexico, and North Carolina, overwhelmingly identify as Democrats. Other states know this to be true as well, which is why Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia is pushing so hard to make sure felons can vote.

Redistricting is an immensely significant matter and the leaked message confirms that George Soros’ foundation is trying to make an impact on it to benefit the left, which in turn will have a huge influence on the Electoral College and representation in Congress for many years.


There are a lot of words that could be used to describe the manner in which Soros conducts himself on the global state, but ineffective is certainly not one of them. Most recently, Soros has fallen “victim” to Wikileaks hacks with information being revealed in posts like the two below, but even with the recent leaks, consider the impact Soros has had globally just the last year or so.

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Back in November, Soros more or less took responsibility for financing the Muslim refugee “crisis” that has swept Europe and left in chaos, claiming he was trying to effectuate the removal of national boundaries. Consider the effect the “refugees” have had on global politics. In Britain, there was Brexit, and just this past weekend, Germany issued a 69-page report announcing that it is beginning to take countermeasures to prevent what it calls the very real potential for a catastrophic event that might threaten Germany’s “very existence.”

Here in the 2016 U.S. election, immigration and the refugee “crisis” has become a focal point of the entire campaign. Furthermore, there has been news like the following:

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In virtually every news story of paramount importance taking place in the world right now, the fingerprints of George Soros are highly visible. For more information on the leak that discusses the social media censorship, be sure to check out the post titled:  Soros Funding Censorship of Social Media News to Rig 2016 For Hillary (Video). For more on the other programs that people like Obama and Soros are meddling in, like the Obama’s “social equity rezoning laws” I mentioned in the video, be sure to check out: Major Update To Obama’s “Social Equity” Rezoning Laws (Video).