June 23, 2024




Genocidal Maniacs Bill and Melinda Gates Are Anti-White Racists

 Kyle Hunt 28 Comments

If you read the Tribune, you likely know about how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation organized Event 201 about a coronavirus pandemic in 2019. You are aware of ID2020, which is Gates’ plan to have everyone in the world microchipped. You already know that Bill Gates was closely involved with Jeffrey Epstein. You may have heard about his diabolical mission to block out sunshine using geoengineering in order to fight “climate change.” You know he loves vaccines and thinks they are a great way of reducing the population of the world.

If we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that [population] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Long story short, this guy is a genocidal maniac who is now working with the WHO, CDC, American government to inject everyone in the world with neurotoxins in order to combat an invented “virus.”

If all that was not concerning enough, do you know how Bill and his wife feel about White people? Let’s just say they’re not big fans.

Let’s start over two decades ago when there was some concern that Gates was discriminating against White people with his scholarships.

The Los Angeles Times printed the following opinion piece in 1999:

The Gates Millennium Scholarships for thousands of high school seniors over the next 20 years are intended to produce more quality scientists, engineers, doctors, and educators from among America’s minorities, who, he claims, are woefully underrepresented in college. His commitment to arbitrarily preferred groups is bound to increase racial resentment.

By restricting his grants to specified minorities, principally blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians, Gates seems gloriously oblivious to the social consequences of his program. Racial preferences by whatever name, tend to corrupt the putative beneficiaries and antagonize those who are discriminated against.

Gates would later go on to exclude White people entirely. Back in 2010, Outside the Beltway reported:

Microsoft gazillionaire-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates has apparently decided to award Gates Millennium Scholarships only to Americans of  non-European descent.  He did so back in January but the word is just slowly getting around.

In the Culture and Values page of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we find:

We also believe our employees should reflect the rich diversity of the global populations we aim to serve—in race, ethnicity, gender, age, cultures and beliefs—and we support this diversity through all our employment practices.

So 10% of their employees are White? Regardless, you see how “diversity” (anti-Whiteness) is very important to Bill.Bill Gates@BillGates

Diversity is good for innovation. This is a great conversation between @robotsmarts and @timnitGebru on the importance of representation and female leadership in tech. https://b-gat.es/2FhOpZ2 “You can’t be it if you can’t see it”A conversation between two pioneering women in tech, Dr. Ayanna Howard and Dr. Timnit Gebru, on tackling bias in artificial intelligence.evoke.org4,206Twitter Ads info and privacy1,098 people are talking about this

Bill’s wife Melinda also shares Bill’s disdain for White people.

Here she is telling CNN’s Poppy Harlow why diversity in tech is critical, saying “we all should be contributing… to where the future is going.”

Melinda had this message for the VC industry:

Enough with your love for ‘the white guy in a hoodie’”

She said something similar in a Fortune interview:

Some of these big firms often believe in the white guy in a hoodie disrupting a whole industry. So we’re going to disrupt it by making sure we’re indexing for women and minorities because they’ve got great ideas.

Most estimates put White people at 10% of the world’s population, so perhaps White people will be specifically targeted in Gates’ depopulation scheme, wherein “10 to 15 percent” of the world’s population is reduced by new vaccines. Just consider how White people are blamed for our egregious “carbon emissions.”

Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/genocidal-maniacs-bill-and-melinda-gates-are-anti-white-racists/