December 2, 2023



A FEMA Camp on Every Block and the Construction of Mass Burial Sites by Jade Helm Personnel












What is the end game for FEMA camps? What is the final goal?

The Construction of Mass Burial Sites

Along these lines, I have received two emails in regard to some very disturbing developments.

Dear Dave,

My brother-in-law is an Army Reservist in Texas. His last drill was somewhere in Ohio where his unit was trained on operating brand new massive bulldozers. They were digging holes large enough to “bury tanks”. I suppose they were told that’s what the holes were being dug for but it must have struck him as odd or he wouldn’t have mentioned it to my sister. Is there some reason that the army buries tanks that I’m unaware of? If not, what else might these large holes be used for? Also, the location of the drill was changed at the very last minute from Southern California to Ohio.
I wouldn’t want my sister to know I e-mailed this information to you; however, It struck me as odd and goes right along with a lot of the accounts I’m reading in your articles. I appreciate very much what you do. May the Lord watch over you, Brother.
Cara Hummel
Cara’s question and topic is not about burying tanks, it is about burying massive amounts of dead bodies as indicated by the following email I received on June 17, 2015.
Hello Mr. Hodges
My brother is a member of the Michigan Army Reserve that has trained near a FEMA camp known as Camp Grayling. His unit functions as a security unit and has trained for duty at Guantanamo  i the past.  
He was home this past week for three days. He told me that he wasn’t sure he could go back because they were constructing mass grave sites by bulldozing the ground northeast of Camp Grayling. My brother reads your site, Steve Quayle and the Hagmann’s and Alex Jones. Because of this, he immediately knew what he was working on.  He is shaken to his soul and does not know what to do. Nobody in his unit has said a thing and my brother is afraid he is on his own with what’s happening.
Please keep up the good work because you are waking up people. I just fear that you are not waking enough of us sheep up.
May God be with you,

FEMA Camps Becoming An International Phenomena

Discussion of FEMA camps, American style in the UK is spreading like wildfire. As a case in point, consider the following discussion thread on the David Icke website.

 FEMA type camps in the UK?

I was thinking about the FEMA camps that have been built in America, and wondered if we had something similarly secret here in the UK.

I realised then that we have been brought up with the idea that camps with perimeter fencing and everything you need inside it are a good place to be……..think Pontins and Butlins.

After they have been taken over by the govt, are we going to led to believe that these camps are the best place for us in the event of a catastophe of some sort and us willingly taking up residence…


FEMA camps are being openly discussed in the UK according to the local media. The people in the UK are paying close attention to Jade Helm and what we saying about this as any discussion of FEMA camps begins and ends with the Jade Helm “exercise”.

Has Jade Helm Gone International?

Contents from the following email was sent to me several days ago, twice by different people and was also posted the following on Godlike Productions.

Dear Dave

Is Jade Helm 15 taking place outside the United States? The reason I ask is because I have, for a long time, wondered WHY a local shopping mall near me on the edge of town, (In the UK) … had what looked like 3 strange little towers on each corner. They seems to serve no purpose because they had shuttered windows on each 3 sides which were always closed, never used. Almost looked sealed, and decorative.

The penny dropped the other day. After watching all the Jade Helm/ Wal Mart vids on youtube …. I realised there was a good possibility that this mall near me could be used as a holding centre or detention camp of some sort, like the Wal Marts in the US.

The 3 three little towers are positioned so that they overlooked all the car parks and grounds on all sides.
All that is needed is a razor wire fence and voila – the mind boggles…

Another strange thing ….. there is another supermarket on the opposite edge of town which is a weird shape with a gold roof shaped like a pyramid or triangle from the air.
It has only recently finished being constructed.
I asked a workman why the cafe within the supermarket was so badly located and designed and pointed out other design flaws which the general public were talking about ….. to which he replied, ” Oh none of that really matters – they, Asda, only have the use of this building for 3 years – then – who knows? “


FEMA Camp On the Canadian Border

As I had previously reported on the makeshift FEMA type camps in the UK that are springing up around the country, we are now seeing the same development on the Canadian border with Washington State.

This is a stunning development and there can be no mistake about what we are looking at with these photos. Before examining the photos, please take serious note that the buildings we are looking at are abandoned and have been for quite awhile. There is absolutely no reason for any construction of the type we are seeing to be going on.

Thought these might interest you. The Target and Rona in Abbotsford, BC, are both vacant with railroad tracks behind. The tracks are only 1-2 km from the Sumas, Washington border. I will send another email with more pics.

Thanks, JC


These pics are from Abbotsford, at McConnel Rd/Sumas way. The railroad tracks are behind them. Please see my previous email.

Thanks, JC


Marana and Holbrook, Arizona

As of the afternoon of the June 27, 2015, both Steve Quayle and I are getting reports of FEMA camp construction type activity. In Marana, a community just north of Tucson, we have reports of the retail space being converted to detention facilities similar to what we are seeing in this report in the UK.

In Holbrook, we have reports of some type of unidentified facility on the Navajo Reservation. We lack details because the facility is reportedly covered in multiple black tarps so as to obscure the view from the air.

We need on the ground reports from these two areas. Please forward all pictures, videos and descriptions

FEMA Camps Are Everywhere

And it is not just abandoned strip malls that FEMA camps are appearing. Three years ago, Simon Properties, the largest owner of malls in North America signed an agreement with DHS to allow their facilities to be used as detention centers.

The Establishment of Intent: Would the Obama Administration Round Up Innocent Americans Under Jade Helm? Former FBI Informant Larry Grathwohl Would Have Said Yes!

I had the good fortune of interviewing the late Larry Grathwohl many times. Larry was well-known for exposing the fact that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorne, formerly the leaders of the radical revolutionary group, the Weatherman Underground, launched the political career of Barack Hussein Obama. While Larry was serving as an undercover informant designed to penetrate the Weatherman on behalf of the FBI, he once asked Ayers what will happen if and when these radical communists were ever able to assume control over the US. Ayers responded that “50 million  Americans would have to be placed in re-education camps” (i.e. FEMA Camps). And he added that about “25 million would have to be eliminated”. At that time in 1968, the United States only had 200 million people. Ayer’s incarceration numbers represented one in four Americans would have to incarcerated and one in eight would have to be murdered. In today’s numbers, about 67 million Americans would be incarcerated and over 33 million Americans would have to murdered. The enormity of this statement by Ayers is staggering. Please keep in mind that this man was the driving force behind the launching of Obama’s political career!

Larry felt that a crisis which led to a food and a water shortage, would lend itself to FEMA camp incarcerations under the guise of quarantining Americans.

We have come full circles since the time that Grathwohl infiltrated the Weathermen and Bill Ayers merry band of terrorists. How much time do we have? I and others believe it will happen in the blink of an eye.