July 23, 2024



Conway: Is It Too Much to Ask W.H.O. to Be ‘Honest’ About Coronavirus?

15 Apr 2020101:35

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” sounded off on President Donald Trump’s decision to halt funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) over the organization’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic as it spread from China.

Conway said the reasoning behind suspending the funding is because the WHO has not been “transparent” about the origination of COVID-19 and how the spread can happen from “human-to-human transmission.”

“This is a president who recognizes that our country — ladies and gentlemen, you the taxpayers, have paid $830 some million over the last two years to the WHO. China paid 10% of that. China, France, Italy and India have paid one-tenth of what the United States of America has paid into the World Health Organization. It’s meant to coordinate responses and keep an eye on things, particularly in the case of infectious diseases for the entire world,” Conway explained. “So, we pay into that, and is it so much to ask the minor dividend, the minor return on our investment is for the WHO, to be honest about the origins of the virus in Wuhan, about the fact that it was human-to-human transmission? They lied about that or weren’t transparent about that. So, this is about transparency and accountability because we have been so hard hit in this country, and we were listening to the health professionals around the world.”

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Source: Conway: Is It Too Much to Ask W.H.O. to Be ‘Honest’ About Coronavirus?