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The Bolshevik has new clothes!


“The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.” ~ Lenin.

Holodomor AvatarLazar Kaganovich - Mother Russia is cast downOn January 13, 2010, Kiev Appellate Court posthumously found the JewishCheka guard Lazar Kaganovich guilty of genocide against Ukrainians for his participation in the 1932-33 Holodomor.   The importance of the case is its historical aspect that legally explains the particularity of that historical event. By New Year’s Day, the Security Service of Ukraine had finished pre-court investigation and transferred its materials to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. The materials consist of over 250 volumes of archive documents (from within Ukraine as well as from abroad), interviews with witnesses, and expert analysis of several institutes of National Academies of Sciences. Oleksandr Medvedko, the Prosecutor General, confirmed that the material gives clear evidence of this particular genocide occurring in Ukraine. Though Kaganovich was pronounced guilty as a criminal, the case was ended immediately following sentence without fanfare or any significant media attention indicating either Jewish appeasement or more likely Jewish interference.

There was a sudden explosion of propaganda in the late 60’s, it seems Hollywood was tripping over itself to clutter the market with ‘Holocaust’ movies, dramas and documentaries. Now according to Wiki the word ‘Holodomor’ was used in print only as early as 1978 by Ukrainian immigrant organisations in the United States and Canada. If this is true Hollywood had already saturated the media with the word ‘Holocaust’ with reference to the genocide of Jews thus polluting the impact of the word ‘Holodomor’ and Jewish Bolshevik genocide of ethnic Europeans. “Yehuda Bauer contends that the Holocaust should include only Jews because it was the intent of the Nazis to exterminate all Jews, while the other groups were not Masking the Holodomorto be totally annihilated” Here is a quite blatant indication of the Jewish tribe’s self-righteous entitlement and adds weight to the argument that Jews are using ‘holocaust’ to transpose theHolodomor Genocides. It is also highly significant that the Jewish Attorney Rafael Lemkin attempted to present the fact of theHolodomor to the Nuremberg trials as genocide by a totalitarian regime-Bolshevism. That this was dismissed by Jewry or never even came to light is a further indication that the Jewish tribe wants the monopoly on suffering at a holistic level the nature of which even Lemkin’s ‘genocide’ would not describe. Proof positive must be the sickening knowledge that as Jewry accused and hung innocent German soldiers during the Nuremberg Trials the JewishBolsheviks were committing the atrocities of the 1946-7 Holodomor.

Here lies a further example of the sinister vibe surrounding the Holodomor. The Real HolocaustWhenever mentioned if at all the period of the Holodomor is confined to 1932-33. For mainstream the 1921-23 or 1946-47 Holodomor Genocidesseem to have disappeared into the mists of time. Naturally research uncovers the truth but there is a concerted effort to restrict the horrors of the Holodomor to Stalin’s leadership of the JewishBolshevik regime.  It has already been established that it was most fortuitous forVladimir Lenin’s Jewish roots confirmed  largely Jewish Bolshevik regime to install the apparently gentile Stalin for Communism’s next phase given the nature of crimes already committed. The Jewish tribe has now made him the scapegoat for their murderous regime and conceivably their opening for re-packagingCommunism. With this in mind it is highly conceivable that the so called ‘legitimate’ face ofHolodomor publicity has been hijacked by the Jewish lobby, their aim being to expunge Jewish crimes against ethnic Europeans in order Lenin“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”to maintain their pseudo-image as ‘victim celebre’.  As he said himself “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” This would explain the lack of focus on the instigator of Jewish Bolshevism the JewishVladimir Lenin (Genocide)dictator Vladimir Lenin who stated clearly his genocidal intentions-“We would be deceiving both ourselves and the people if we concealed from the masses the necessity of a desperate, bloody war of extermination, as the immediate task…” With Lenin isolated his and Trotsky’smethodology are sanitised from mainstream history along with the1921-23 Holodomor Genocide.

The eruption of ‘Holocaust’ propaganda in the 1960’s succeeded in flooding the market with a very specific notion of ethnic annihilation. In less than 60 years the Jewish tribe has pretty much succeeded in obliterating any concept of total racial eradication other than that of the Jew. The Jewish ‘sacred’ persecuted status constructed with their propaganda discounts that which the tribe does not want the mass to hear effectively holding back a tidal wave of truth. Thus a barrage of mainstream Jewish propaganda over nearly 60 years has led to ignorance of the 1946-7 Holodomor Genocide. Indeed evidence of the Jewish Bolshevik regime’s crimes during this period would present a severe setback to their Holocaust fiction.

Ukrainian Government Dishonor memory of HolodomorThe necessity to impede information regarding theHolodomor Genocides is highlighted during a ‘business’ meeting between the ADL and a Ukrainian The Bolsheviks New ClothesGovernment delegation. This is a typical example of blackmail-the past having to remain buried if the Ukraine wishes to remain economically viable under a ‘politically correct’ (Jewish Bolshevik) system.

Moreover, in the early 1980’s a documentary was produced by a Ukrainian organisation that was well researched and delved into all periods of the Holodomor Genocide. 16.5 Million Europeans murdered in all 3 HolodomorsHowever, subsequent documentaries failed to mention the 1921-23 and 1946-47 Holodomor and where in fact much more tame in their reporting. Only one conclusion can be reached mainstream syndication of the Ukranian documentary was shelves due to pressure from the Jewish lobby. As a consequence beyond the 1980’s reports and documentaries about the Holodomor Genocides have been inhibited missing out vast areas of information. There are also claims that the nature of the crimes against the people has been sanitized. Nevertheless, mainstream is not the only avenue along which information can flow.  Survivors of these gruesome atrocities are dying and their story must be told properly. So an invitation is extended to independent filmmakers wishing a host for their work.

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