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BIG: Rudy Giuliani Has Confirmed That Whistleblowers Have Emerged to Expose ‘Dominion’ Software

The coup continues to unravel.

on Nov 11, 2020 By Shane Trejo

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has confirmed that more than one whistleblower has come forward to talk about the controversial Dominion software that was used primarily in battleground states during the election.

“Coleman has the community people and he’s got the Dominion people. And they were the ones who were the actual, not poll watchers, the actual observers who were excluded, who were lied to, two of whom stayed behind after all the Republicans had left out and they’re the ones who got the evidence of the 100,000 votes coming in. And they have some photographs also,” Giuliani told Steve Bannon on an episode of his War Room podcast on Wednesday.

Giuliani can be seen on the podcast here:

Pro-Trump commentators are already speculating on what the revelations from these whistleblowers could turn up:

Big League Politics has reported on the mysterious software glitches that happened on the night of the election which always seemed to give the Democrats more votes:

Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox has revealed that software used in one crucial Michigan county miscounted 6,000 Republican ballots for Democrat candidates, with election officials finding the error after hand-counting ballots…

The miscalculation was reportedly revealed to Antrim County election officials when they handcounted election materials, finding that the sum totals were much different than what their computer software had calculated.

Antrim County had to hand count all of the ballots, and these counties that use the software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies,” Cox said. “The people of Michigan deserve a transparent and open process.

Chairwoman Cox went on to claim that the Republican Party of Michigan had discovered that the same faulty software was used in a whopping 47 Michigan counties!

A Michigan Republican candidate for Oakland County Commissioner was projected to lose to a Democrat on election night by just more than 100 votes, but election officials released ballot data that revealed Adam Kochenderfer had actually won by more than 1,000 votes on Wednesday. The officials cited “computer error” in the reversal of the election outcome when explaining the situation to Kochenderfer.

Existing Michigan ballot counts have Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden by approximately 150,000 votes, with supposedly 99% of the total count completed.

The coup against President Trump may be starting to unravel as whistleblowers come forward to expose the operations that took place behind the scenes to influence the vote. The deep state has to be nervous about these encouraging developments.

Source: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/big-rudy-giuliani-has-confirmed-that-whistleblowers-have-emerged-to-expose-dominion-software/