July 23, 2024



A Prima Facie Examination of Satanism

Even some loyal regular readers may dismiss Winter Watch’s focus on satanic forces and our use of the term “satanists,” but that’s how this spectacle manifests itself. There are more avowed Satanists than most people could possibly imagine. Others may not be Satanists openly, but they endorse inverted principles and, in most cases, without really knowing it. They dwell in a satanic mindset and world view. Thus, they are, at minimum, defacto untermenschen Satanists.

The defining theme of the Satanist, defacto or otherwise, is extreme selfishness, psychodrama and gaming. The BTK Killer Dennis Rader spoke openly about “demons within” and admitted his issue was lack of restraint and extreme indulgence selfishness. Serial killer Israel Keyes relished in it.

Read “Vicious Serial Killer Israel Keyes and the Insane Clown Posse”

The gaming psychodrama aspect of Satanists is what we write about constantly. In our article on dark triads, we highlighted three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. This is the ticket to be a member of the lording and ruling caste, or what we call the Crime Syndicate or organized New Underworld Order (NUO).

Gaming (aka black magik) is feigned theatrics, feuds and shit storms. Satanic dark triads attract flying monkeys and cultish bootlickers. Satanists describe themselves as members of a “meta-tribe.”

Satanism’s main target is the human ego. Most people are drawn and remain committed to Satanism, or defacto satanism, because it feeds their ego. One practicing Satanist even critiqued that “if you’re told that you’re special or elite or some other warm fuzzy idea when you embrace a philosophy, then you are more apt to buy into it and be blind to its shortcomings.” The result is an over-rated and inflated sense of oneself (aka no accountability).

Satanists often have some kind of revenge or grudge psychodrama going on against real and imagined slights and grievances, mostly imagined. A prime example of this is “virtue signalling” and the peddling of the “whiteness” or “white privilege” narrative.

What you are witnessing is effectively “The Matrix” in action. This works to brainwash and warp those who can’t see through it.

Anton LaVey’s and Aleister Crowley’s writings formalized the Satanic mentality. Many defacto satanists and Sabatean Frankists have never read LaVey’s “Satanic Bible,” or practiced rituals or the occult, but they are unknowingly steeped in the mentality described here. Mostly, it manifests itself as extreme moral relativism, and it permeates the culture.

For further reading:

“Satanism offers a minimum ethical structure and trusts individuals enough to figure the rest out for themselves,” LaVey wrote. “There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy!”

This is the opposite of the core principles of objective truth and natural law — knowing the difference between right and wrong.

A “Satanic Bible” section called “Book of Belial” is revealing. It goes into black magic and psychodrama. LaVey pontificates at length, but the bottom line is that black magic is little more than pulling the wool over people’s eyes to control and exploit them. It’s the use and study of falsehoods. The ultimate goal is ego gratification and personal power.

Non-ritual or manipulative magic, sometimes called “lesser magic,” consists of the wile and guile obtained through various devices and contrived situations, which when utilized, can create “change, in accordance with one’s will.”

LaVey perfectly describes the use of magic through sex and wonder, as is employed in pop culture. For example, young pop star Britney Spears had an appearance of freshness and innocence but was at the same time was very sexy. Her sex appeal is then combined with sinister overtones. Ultimately, innocence morphs into sluttiness, which is hardcore satanic brainwashing.

Disney’s ‘Return to Oz’ as a Misanthropist Mind Control Mechanism

I think pajama people are dismissive of the idea of satanists existing en masse, because it evokes mental images of devil worshiping. But LaVey himself clears that up: “Satanism has been frequently misrepresented as ‘devil worship,’ when in fact it constitutes a clear rejection of all forms of worship as a desirable component of the personality.”

There is actually a descriptive snippet from Wikipedia:

Social Darwinism and the concept of “human nature” are ideas that are prevalent throughout The Satanic Bible. LaVey described humans as inherently carnal and animalistic. Each of the seven deadly sins is described as part of human’s natural instinct, and are thus advocated. LaVeyan Satanism has been described as “institutionalism of Machiavellian self-interest” because of many of these themes.

LaVey had one solid philosophy non-Satanists need to adopt: self-preservation. LaVey likely picked this up from Nietzsche.

“There has never been a great ‘love’ movement in the history of the world that hasn’t wound up killing countless numbers of people, we must assume, to prove how much they loved them! Every hypocrite who ever walked the earth has had pockets bulging with love!”

It’s a very materialistic philosophy well integrated into today’s world view. But Satanism tries to separate from the dumb and dumber by selling indulgence, individualism and materialism as thoughtful snake oil. They use the word “liberty” a lot.

An Examination of Satanic Behavior in Action

“The wicked wander everywhere …. when what is vile is honored by the human race” –– Psalm 12:8

On the heels of our article on the onslaught of degeneracy in children’s entertainment came Netflix once again. In this instance, we saw a juvenile drawing of a penis in plain view in a cartoon for toddlers. The phallic depiction is located inside of a log during Season 1, Episode 35 of “Maya the Bee,” according to The Mirror. Even dubious “fact checker” Snopes gives this one a “True” rating.

We could (and do) report ad nauseam on this brand of skulduggery. We would rather shift focus now to the Pervert Justice Warrior (PJW) apologists, who literally brigaded the comment section of a story on this topic. Note that not one person is questioning why this phallic symbology was deliberately placed in a TV show for tots. Instead, they defend, joke, mock and make excuses for the penis. Incredibly, these PJWs engage in a frenzy of inverse-morality virtue-signalling, each outdoing the next to shout about how okay they are with it.

Here is one Satanist attacking the woman who spotted the penis and complained about it. Just wrap your head around this twisted, inverted, good-is-bad morality:

DV8_2XL: Frankly, knowing the show, I strongly doubt any kid that it would appeal to watching would have picked up on this. However one has to wonder about the mind-set of any adult woman that manifests such a hair-trigger sensitivity to penis images. A textbook Freudian response if there ever was one.

Another PJW degenerate, Melz2, mocks,

“Oh no; a badly-drawn barely noticeable pictogram of a peen!” However one has to wonder about the mind-set of any adult woman that manifests such a hair-trigger sensitivity. We live in a time where hair-trigger sensitivity is the norm. The slightest perceived infraction has people throwing fits.

PJW TomFury13 adds: “I wish my penis was that big …”

Luciferian Robbo: “I’ve worked in children’s educational television for almost 40 years now and this kind of shit always impresses the hell out of me. Hats off and a Standing O.”

Another WTF PJW, Popobawa4u, adds:

“Or – instead of overreacting, they could just leave it there and carry on with their lives. Cave drawings featured penises for many thousands of years – apparently without any harm resulting. So, let the mom be disgusted, it’s her problem. It’s not realistic to change the rendering of a whole scene in a show because one viewer doesn’t like it.”

They aren’t up to even the minimal standards of a moral society that protects the young from predatory forces. There is a huge difference between what mature adults do sexually in private versus this public sexual grooming of children over the airwaves.

These Satanic PJWs have no concept of that. Satanic discordian untermenschen are hyper-tolerant and are hyper-moral relativists. As Satanists, they follow the Allister Crowley dictate of “Do What Thou Wilt.” This is evident in those comments.

PJW Satanists don’t get the big picture about the sexual and pedophile grooming of children. Children are easy targets of abusers, and this PJW chortling and mocking enables and normalizes that.

In a moral society that is fully awake to forces of evil, the “disgusted mom” is a heroine. In a contaminated Satanist-based society, she is mocked. In a moral society, those who are outraged at rapper XXXTentacions’ mock hanging of a white child in a music video are reinforced. In a Satanic society, the video is upvoted 546,000 times, downvoted 91,000, and the aforementioned twisted humor is fully manifested.

There are also those who aren’t fully infected with cultural Satanism who shake their heads, but they sit idly by doing nothing. Perhaps this reflects demoralization and fear of the evil? Regardless, everybody needs to take stock of themselves and get involved.

All decent, moral people need to get into the game. I myself am struggling with how. Confronting evil requires more than awareness — although that’s the starting point. It also requires competence. I’ve put forth the concept of boycotts and voting with one’s wallet, but that doesn’t seem to inspire much collective response. I don’t have all the answers, but perhaps collectively we do.