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A Million Times Worse Than Benedict Arnold!

Posted on February 14, 2024 by State of the Nation

An Extremely Dangerous Menace To Society, Brazen Pathological Liar & Treacherous
Traitor to the American Republic
Is Finally….

State of the Nation

Who doesn’t know by now that the Department of Homeland Security was established in the wake of the US government’s false flag 9/11 terror operation as an anti-American secret police apparatus modeled after the East German Stasi and Soviet Union’s KGB?

And, that the highly deceitful Patriot Act was actually the “America’s Enemies Act” whereby our foreign enemies would be granted unfettered power and access and influence to destroy this nation via the combination of a 1917 Bolshevik Revolution-style insurrection and Chinese Cultural Revolution-style war against the American people.

That would make Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas the most dangerous man in these once United States of America.  And so he is.

However, Mayorkas is actually a lot more monstrous and deceptive and treasonous than most US citizens know.  Here’s why:

Secretary Mayorkas is the vital point man in a vast and complex criminal conspiracy to both take down and take over the American Republic.  The U.S. Federal Government, to include the Biden Administration, the entire U.S. Intelligence Community (plus the CIA’s Mockingbird Media), US Armed Forces, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Medical and the National Security State are the primary institutional co-conspirators in this exceedingly convoluted and ongoing conspiratorial plot to collapse the USA.

The FBI’s transparently manufactured ‘J6 insurrection’ was actually a COINTELPRO operation carried out to divert attention from the Uniparty’s own ongoing sedition against the American body politic.

As for the long-planned Bolshevik phase of this utterly treasonous scheme, the following exposé provides the skeleton of this very stealthy New World Order subterfuge of the American Republic.

The Most Destructive and Naked Act
of Treason in U.S. History

For those who did not open the preceding link, here’s the meat of the very serious matter:

KEY POINTS: Operation Gladio uses the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will then carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered by their CIA handlers.  Gladio is steadily and surreptitiously building a secret army of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other soldiers-of-fortune in every major city in America.  Just as Syria was overwhelmed by Gladio-directed terrorist groups practically overnight, these strategically positioned terror cells are being readied to spring into action once the Deep State traitors push the button on the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution (aka CIVIL WAR 2.0).
See: OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

And then there is this rapidly unfolding plot:

“After illegally crossing the border, these foreign mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, terrorists and extremists, anarchists and agitators, criminals and convicts, drug dealers and mules, rebels and revolutionaries, insurgents and insurrectionists are being transported to all of the sanctuary cities and states to create overwhelming chaos, confusion, and conflict via rampant and violent criminal activity.  But that is only the preliminary stage of this NWO-inspired revolution necessary to soften up and scare the local populations, just as the bankster-funded bolsheviks did in Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.”

As for the Chinese Cultural Revolution-style war on America, the following breakdown provides the most essential information for the Patriot Movement to understand.

The American Bolshevik Revolution Comes This Way
After Cultural Marxism Has Decimated Society

Now, here’s one more critical perspective on this NWO plan to remove the American threat to the formation of their totalitarian One World Government:

Second American Revolution Fast
Approaching Most Dangerous
‘Bolshevik Phase’

Now the reader knows why Mayorkas was really impeached, AND WITH A PATRIOTIC VENGEANCE.

Be aware that every single member of the 118th U.S. Congress has been informed of the details of this extremely serious plan to violently overthrow the Republic; but only the Republicans chose to impeach the key kingpin in the Biden administration who is necessary to flood the nation with the necessary mercs and terrorists who are being strategically positioned around the USA to carry out their perfidious orders.

The non-stop invasion of illegal aliens, drug mules, MS-13 gang members, ISIS & Al Qaeda terrorists, purposely released criminals, hardened thugs and violent miscreants — assembled from all over Central and South America — are nothing but cannon fodder for the Democrat’s long-planned bolshevik revolution. Many of these mercenaries are also shipped in from all over the Middle East and Africa. The CIA even has soldier-of-fortune recruiting stations covertly located all over the Caribbean to entice the many poverty-stricken youth plunged into despair by the engineered and ongoing Second Great Depression that the colluding MSM never talks about.
(Source: MUST. VIEW. VIDEO. ——> EVERYONE ! ! ! ) 

Such a brutal truth-telling smackdown of a U.S. Department Secretary — during prime time in the Capitol — has never happened before. That’s because a stone-cold traitor to the American Republic had never been caught in so many glaring acts of outright treason. Because the ever-treacherous United States Secretary of Homeland Security — Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas — occupies such a critical position, his high crimes and highly consequential wrongdoings, catastrophic transgressions and utter lawlessness, gross misconduct and serial acts of corruption have put the American people in great jeopardy.

House Impeaches Mayorkas In Historic Vote

$64,000 QUESTION: Why isn’t every member of the US Congress not screaming his/her head off about the Gladio-style mercenary armies and countless terrorist cells being stealthily formed in cities across America at this very moment?!

State of the Nation
February 14, 2024

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